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Leah's Story

I had a 220/130 BP last September, 2003. Was hospitalized for 3 days for it. Standard tests revealed that everything in me is normal but since I wasn't satisfied, I submitted myself for another more thorough work-up in Manila in last week of September, 2003. I had MRI which revealed a .8 cm adrenal tumor on my left adrenal gland (cortex). I went to see an endocrinologist who ordered a 24hr urine free cortisol test which revealed a result that my cortisol level is more than 4 times than the normal during the 1st day, although for the 2nd and the 3rd days, cortisol levels are slightly lower. I am now diagnosed to be having a Cushing's Syndrome. I will still send a blood sample to Singapore to measure my ACTH level.

As what my endocrinologist say, after a physical exam, I don't have the visible symptoms of a Cushing's patient. I am 38 year old female, married with 3 kids, 4'10 tall, weighs 100 lbs. (No excess hair growth, no disturbed menstruation and others) All I have is the unusual hypertension of which I am taking regular medications for.

I know that in the end, I will still be required to undergo surgery. I hope to find the right (experienced one) doctor to do that surgery. I only want to have that small tumor removed and not the whole adrenal gland removed.


I have been accepted (considered eligible) by the National Institutes of Health in their protocol. Dr Stratakis will look after me. Ms. Meg Keil has been very helpful and patient regarding my concerns.

I am praying for my trip and looking forward to be in Maryland sometime early July this year.

Please pray for me.

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