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Krista's Story...

Hi, My name is Krista, I'm 23 from Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania. Right now I am pursuing my Master's Degree in Athletic Training at Bridgewater State College in Massachusetts.

I have gained about 60lbs in the last 4 years with no real cause. I was always thin and never had a weight problem growing up. I am fairly active and not an overeater or junk food junkie. My mother and some other female relatives are on meds for some type of thyroid disorder.

I have been diagnosed with PCOS at 16, I have had irregular periods since I started having a "cycle", I have acne, been on depression meds since I was 15, I am always tired (more than I should be despite my busy scheule) and even though I am tired I still sometimes struggle with sleeping, I also have a blood disorder (thrombophilia), been told I carry the epstein-barr virus (mono-don't know if that's relevant tho)

I have some of the symptoms of cushing's, and I have previously been on orthotricyclen and deppo provera for birth control and the weight gain began 6 months after I started the deppo shot. I mentioned to my gyno and PCP about the weight gain and that since I stopped the Deppo 2 years now that I have not lost any weight and that recently my mom was put on meds for thyroid disorder but both physicians at that time did not pursue any further testing, and chalked it up to bad eating and exercise habits, plus they said I was too young to be having problems with my thyroid. Right now with being out of state my insurance will not cover any doctors visits, which is probably a disadvantage since I am close to Boston and could probably meet with some better endocrinologists here.

My mother and boyfriend both looked at the websites about cushing's and believe I may have it just from looking at the before and after pictures of people. In my case my before pictures would be about my last year of high school when I was thin and my current body type. I am in the process of getting photos of both to post for more experienced members to view and give me feedback. My mom called the endocriniologists at Geisinger Medical Center back home and said they were booked until July, so she was going to look at our insurance book to see if there were any other approved endos in the area. I do plan on going to see my PCP when I return home for summer break in May with materials about cushings and hopefully he will run tests this time and if anything does show up be able to refer me to an endo and see one sooner than July.

Well that's all about me I guess. I just have a feeling that something is wrong with my body systems, hormonal or otherwise because my symptoms have been consistent for the last 4 years and its more than just college stress, and I finally have come to my breaking point where I need to get this taken care of now and hopefully get some energy back and lose weight. Feel free to contact me by email or any messaging system, the contact info is listed in my profile.

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