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Kim's Story

I am 49 year old female, married 24 yrs.

3 children, 1 son 23, one daughter 20, son 18. granddaughter on the way. 2 dogs 5 cats, Currently not working, had pit surgery 6/18/07.

Pit macroadenoma 1.3cm, assumed prolactinoma but grew while taking dostinex.

Now drs think I had cylclical cushings. Cortisol crashed 2 days post op. Csf leak 4 days post op.

I told drs for years that something was wrong-weight gain, hbp, kidney stone, skin tags, red face, depression, hump, arthritis, burcitus, periods stopped, acne, hirutism, headaches, memory problems and on and on.

Sorry if I seem really blah, but I feel crappy. I really didn't expect all this post op fatique and pain. I am hoping to talk to someone who can understand this awful hydrocortisone replacement.

And when I am feeling better I can be a good listener. I am alive and learning to appreciate the family that I have. Husband and kids have been very supportive.

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