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Katie's Story

Any thoughts?

Hi everyone. My name is Katie. I dont ever tell my last name

So, for over the last year Ive been quite a mess. My medical problems started September 11, 2006 and I seemed perfectly fine before that.

So here is my story, I will try to make it as short as possible while still hitting everything. So sep 11 I got my last two wisdom teeth taken out and then came home and slept, then got up and hubby brought home some pain killers, it was Lortab. I took it fell asleep again for a few hours, felt grungy and got up to shower.

While standing in the shower, I got nauceous, lightheaded, dizzy, couldnt breathe, and that is the last thing I remember until my husband was crouched in the shower trying to get me to wake up. Apearently I had a seizure and got a concussion, but we dont know which order things happened in. I didnt go to a doctor until a week later when I still didnt feel well and I thought I had a concussion.

I was told I had post concussion syndrome 9 months later. My EEG was abnormal 8 months after the concussion and seizure, and my blood work came back showing me as hypoglycemic. Brain MRI came back clean. My neck MRI showed bulging disc in my neck. Apearently this happened at the same time as concussion and seizure.

I was also found to have a PFO, which is in the heart, and something that my cardiologist cleared. Told me not to scubba dive and not to do heavy weight lifting. But cleared the PFO other than that. During the first 9 months after all this happened I experienced vertigo, nausea, constant extremely painful headache/migraine-for the entire 9 months after concussion. There were many other symptoms but I can't recall them all.

Also, I felt better from mid June 2007 until Sep 2, 2007. I had regular headaches, watched my diet because of the hypoglycemia and did great. Then Sept 2, 2007 my sister got married and I woke up with diahrea that morning (sorry if its TMI), and drank water all day long. Her wedding was outside in 115 degree heat at 3pm in the afternoon in southern california, and I went down mid ceremony and almost had a fire dept come get me. I was unconscience for about 3 minutes. I was in last stages of heat exhaustion. There was a firefighter and paramedic there as guests and they helped get me rehydrated. I felt horrible the rest of the night, and just layed down, didnt do anything like dancing etc at the wedding.

Since Sep 11, 2006 I have had night sweats like crazy, not every night, and I dont ever know when I will have them, but they are absolutely disgusting. These night sweats stopped between may 12, 2007 and then started back up toward the end of september. I thought they had gone away and so I was frustrated and disgusted so I went to my doctor and told my doc.

He then ordered blood tests and these are the results. My TSH is high at 5.11 and the normal range is (.34-4.82). My ALT is low at 28 the normal range is (30-65). My FSH is low at 0.4 and the normal range for female is in the following ranges:
Follicular: (3.5-12.5 mIU/mL)
Luteal: (1.7-7.7 mIU/mL)
Ovulation: (4.7-21.5 mIU/mL)
Postmenopausal: (25.8-134.8 mIU/mL)

Also my Cort AM is high at 44.7 and the normal range is (4.0-24.0 ug/dL) My glucose tollerance test came back in the normal range and my insulin is in the normal range too, and all other test results came back in the normal range. I am really worried that htis might be something serious, as I dont see anything else that it could be.

Anyone's opinions and thoughts are greatly appriciated. Thank you so much for listening/reading. I appriciate it.

I also have my first endocrinologist appointment coming up on tuesday 13 November 2007. Anything I should ask about or request to have done?

Best wishes for everyone,

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