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Kathleen's Story

Hi, my name is Kathleen, and I have a left Adrenal Tumor found Sept.3,03. The only reason it was found was because I insisted on having a Ct. scan done. My belly is so big I look 9 months pregnant. In fact, a lady in a drug store one time ask me how far along are you!! My Dr. at that time said well if you really want one, O.K. I had just got done telling him how something is wrong with me and I'm getting worse. I was thinking of ending it all!! He just didn't hear me I guess.

After I found the tumor, I got on the computer and looked up Adrenal Tumors and started reading. Hmm Cushing's, I wonder what that is?? Well that was a while ago before I found MaryO's web site. Now I know why I have been going through H--- for the past few yrs.

I am currently undiagnosed, but working on it. If my blood pressure keeps rising maybe I won't be around to hear it. I have a hump, not real big but growing, red face sometimes getting more often, stretch marks, most I already had. Mood disorders, menstruation all messed up, high blood pressure, central obesity, weakening of the upper arms and upper thighs, loss of hair, thin skin, etc. etc. I am 49 yrs. old, a mother of 2 girls, and one boy, and 6 grandchildren, a wife of 21 yrs. Who loves to cook, and be with my grandkids and go whitewater rafting, camping, fishing, hiking, swimming, and painting gourds and doing crafting projects, when I feel good. I am currently having a Dex. test and blood work done so will add more later.

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