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Kassandra's Story...

Kassandra was diagnosed at age 13 with type 2 diabeties. She started having problems of weight gain, dizziness, changes in cognitive functioning (memory loss), anixety at this age.

At approximately age 14-15 she developed this huge lump on the back of her neck. We went to the doctor to get an evaluation to see what it was. At this time she started having problems with food making her sick when she ate, being constantly tired and a large amount of weight gain. He family doctor agreed to do a 24 hour urine test---it came back normal. We have returned to the doctor several times after that and he would only say well the moody part is because shes a teen age, the weight gain is from being a test girl. She was always told to just excerises more and eat less. For several years we followed the eat less move more advice and no matter what we did she gained more. She has start having sever migrain headaches and suffers from insomnia, has the hump on the neck, extreme fatige and always wants to sleep all day long, she is bruising easy, she gets this rash on her face etc etc!

We had her retested for cortisol by a different doctor 7/06 and the dex test came back 0.9 and the tsh came back 2.8 so the doctors say they wont help her and are not willing to order anymore testing.

We are still in search of answers.

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