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Karena's Story

Hi, I am Karina. I am 30 years old and not diagnosed. I have been experiencing various symptoms and seen many doctors. First time I fainted and ended up in a hospital was when I was 17. They couldn't find anything wrong. Then while I was in college again I passsed out about 3 more times. This times I did not go to the Dr. thinking it was only because of the stress. I start having depression also.

I married in 1999 and had a bad marriage in which I ended up in the hospital about 3 more times and this time my blood pressure was extremely high and very low potassium. They said it was because of stress. I became pregnant and everything was fine untill I have my daughter. I start having episodes of fainting and severe depression. I was thinking that it was all post-partum depression and just went and got anti-depresants. My marriage went wrong and separated on 2003. By then I had been hospitalized many times. I had seen cardiologist, neurologist you name it. My headaches were getting more severe and I was put on blood presure medicine. I felt that my body was not the same and it was getting worse.

I moved to Florida on 2004 to start my new life. Here I experience the same symptoms plus nausea, allergies, skin changes, tachikardia (is that how you spelled it?) and higher blood pressure. I ended up in the hospital again and again always for the same reason, high blood pressure, low potasium and magnesium. I had a car accident on 2005 which didn't help my sympyoms. I mean, now you have to add the horrible back pain. My back always hurt but not this much. I start getting more nausea and dizziness and at the same time I see my body changing. I gained about 20 pounds within 2 weeks for no apparent reason.

2006 I decide I am joining the gym. I get a trainer everything is going great, I was a single mom trying to make it. I loved going to the gym till one day after one hard session of excersice I passed out again. I then stopped going to the gym because I was afraid of that happenenig again.

I met a wonderful man, the one that has been with me since then. When we started dating I was able to go out. I am not a drinker but when we went out we had a few drinks. I started noticing that I was getting very sick even after one drink. One night I passed out again after we had wine. No, I didn't drink the whole bottle :) . Then the symptoms started to come out again. I started being in pain, my period went crazy.

About 2 months later I became pregnant. Well and there you have it morning sickness. My pregancy went well except that 3 days before my scheduled C-section my blood presure went so high they sent me right to the hospital to get an emergency C-section. Thank God my baby was born healthy. I was ok for a few weeks only mild high blood pressure but then after 3 months I developed very high BP. I went to the Dr. and he prescribed BP meds. I take them and that same night I end up in the hospital. This time I passed out twice and vomited. The ambulance came to get me I was unconscious. I swear I saw "THE TUNNEL". I was on the verge of having a stroke.

Ever since then I have been hospitalized 4 times. Dr.'s don't know why. My BP still high, I have noticed, extra hair in all my body, the buffalo hump (well my husband noticed that one), my weight its just getting worst. I am in constant pain. The night sweats begun. My vision changes. The pins and needles on my arms and legs is an everyday thing now. pain under my left ribs, oh and did I mentioned the bad skin? Well I can keep going.

I know this is a very difficult road to walk but its good to know you are not alone and I am glad, even if my condition isn't cushing's that there are very caring people on this site!

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