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Jo Ellen's Story

follow the typical long drawn out path to diagnosis. I have seen one surgeon and am scheduled to see his partner on Nov. 2 (2004) to set a date for surgery. I am so thrilled to finally have surgery, yet afraid of what may be yet to come.

Update 11/4/2004:

After a few years of symptoms which nobody put together I started the path to diagnosis in January of 2004. Tests and more test! Finally the diagnosis was definitive when I saw Dr. James Findling in Milwaukee for IPSS. This test showed a pituitary tumor on the right side. Due to empty sella the tumor cannot be seen by MRI. I am scheduled for transphenoidal surgery the day before Thanksgiving, 2004.

Update 2/11/2005:

After several years of vague symptoms I was referred to an endocronologist in January, 2004. She assured me that I didn't have the signs of Cushing's and probably had PCOS, but proceeded to order the bloodwork. To condense the story, eventually Cushings' was the obvious diagnosis. In September, 2004 I went to Milwaukee where Dr. Findling did the IPSS which confirmed a right sided tumor. The tumor could never be seeen on several MRIs due to empty sella.

First pituitary surgery was at Methodist Hospital in November, 2004. Unsuccessful, followed by a 2nd surgery in January, 2005 which did locate and remove the pituitary ACTH secreting tumor.

Now I am starting down the tapering trail and looking forward to feeling 30 years younger before too long and enjoying life ever so much more in a few months.

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