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Jenny's Story

Hello, I am 31 and on April 27th of this year I was diagnosed with Cushings.

I went to see the endocrinologist for a routine check up thinking I had PCOS. PCOS is what I have been treated for for close to ten years. There was something going on with my liver and so he ran more tests, and came up with the Cushings. That diagnosis was officially confirmed by another highly regarded endocrinologist at UCSF.

I will be getting my tumor removed from my pituitary gland on the 21st of August. I am very excited about my recovery, and I am so glad there are forums to come to for added support from people who understand what it is like to have this scary ailment.

I am now 31, and I have no idea how long I have lived with the disease, but I am just so grateful it was caught.

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