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Jaime's Story

I was diagnosed with PCOS first and while inquiring about Metformin, my GYN suggested I see an endo.

My endo ran some hormone tests on me and my cortisol came back high. She did some more tests on me and the cortisol was still high. I was not happy with her, so I changed endos and my new one said that he was going to continue the tests where she left off, but he really didn't think I had Cushing's.

So after more and more tests, and the cortisol still high he recommended me to one of his colleagues who was actually a medical endo. (he was an GYN/endo) She ran some more tests and my cortisol suppressed a little, but my ACTH was high.

So an MRI was scheduled and they found a 6mm pit tumor. So now I am awaiting the doctors at UVA to contact me for PSS and surgery.

Just an update. The doctors at UVA contacted me and my surgery is scheduled for March 10, 2003. On the road to recovery finally!

Update Saturday April 26, 2003

Well, I had my surgery at UVa on March 10. The doctors actually found an 8mm tumor. (they originally thought it was 6mm) I am 6 weeks post op and feeling great.

Update September 29, 2003

I am now going on 7 months post op. It is amazing how much has changed. I have lost 50 pounds so far and I need to lose another 50. My cortisol is still low and my blood pressure is getting a lot better. My doctor seems to think that once I lose more weight I may even start my menstrual cycle on my own.(without birth-control pills) In addition to my weight loss, I just feel so good about everything happening in my life.


Jaime (right) 2000

Jaime (top right) 2001

Right before surgery



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