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Helene's Story

hi my name is Helene (just call me hell)

in 1989 I was diagnosed with cushings, but in 1992 it was removed in UCSF by dr. wilson.

In 1997 I had it again but it didn't take as long to have it removed only because they knew me already. and only a few months later it was removed.

now I have it again but its different and I'm not in the bay area anymore now I'm in orange county and my insurance only seems to cover all of the quacks. I've been told that if my test results don't start to spike they will remove half of my petuitary.

so at the moment I'm very scared because no one knows why my blood tests and urine tests are so low and I have symptoms of cushings. so I hope it doesn't turn to blacks disease. which it will since cushings is the onset of blacks disease. I hope I get a competent doctor and I get better.

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