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Heather's Story

I read your story and I can relate. I am 35 with 2 boys age 12 & 8 both with ADHD so its more like having

I started gaining weight along time ago...lose a little....gain alot.

In 2005 weighing 234lbs I was diagnosed with a rare skin disease that I have had since about 14 years old but no one knew what it was, I was also Diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, hormone deficiency, hypothyroid, I have had the hair on my face, abdomen. I have been loosing my hair so bad I had to cut it and the new hair is so curly.

I am very weak most of the time now. later on they added neuropathy in my hands and feet I have been n so many drugs the last 2 years, I was down to 145lbs. until about June 2007. now I am @ 185lbs.

I have been seeing an endo for about 6 months and was started on growth hormones in June.

i argued with him that the weight gain was from the growth hormone as it happened about the same time, in October 2007 He took of my hydrocorisone and this month he did some sort of stim test to see if my adrenal glands were working on their own again. next he said there was too much cortisol in my blood. he then ordered a 24 hr results were 1667ug (normal range 28.3-213) he said if there was cortisol in my urine "we" would look into Cushings....

I have had itching starting in my hair months ago and now My head is so sore from all the scratching.

I have "rashes" popping up all over my body, my chest, lower back, lower legs, stomach... I have begged for them to help me with the itching as I wake up some mornings with blood all over my hands from scratching in my sleep. all both doctor and the endo say is stop scratching....duh... I never related my itching to cushings until I read some story. I am great one minute and the next I'm so sick I cant move...i hate it...

I see the endo this coming up Wednesday 11/28/07 to see whats next...

thank you for sharing your stories and I hope I didn't bore you with mine. hope to stay in touch, Heather

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