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Emily S' Story...

Just diagnosed with Cushing's disease after a year of battle-royal with docs and laboratories that lost my samples, ran the wrong test or otherwise botched things.

My surgeon's office called a few days ago to set up an appointment so it appears that I am finally at the beginning of the long road to normalcy.

My story is not as bad as many I have read here. I am blessed to have neither diabetes or osteoporosis.

I'll update after my Nov 3 (2004) appointment with the surgeon.

Update: December 2, 2004

Guess I was premature. I arrived at the surgeon's office and waited 2.5 hours for him, only to learn that he hadn't really read the endo's report and didn't agree that my labs indicated Cushing's. Now he and endo have agreed to do a Dex-CRH test. I'm going to the clinic on 12-2 to have it done.

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