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EJ's Story

I have trouble with nausea, vomiting, and dirreha for so many years, I can't remember when it started. Sometimes it would come on without warning, feeling great, have a great dinner, then within fifteen minutes sitting on the toilet with the waste basket in my lap. It wasn't what I ate caused it happened many times and I do not always eat the same thing. Other times I did not have to eat at all, it just came out of the blue. Afterwards I was exhausted for days not enough energy to move, but I had to.

Late 2003 I was diagnosed with Hep C, but even with a very high viral load the doc said I did not need treatment. Such a jerk, I wonder if I had had the treatment if I would be here now.

Things only got worse from there, everything grew worse and worse. Then I started getting migrain headaches,and a pain on the left front side that continually grew worse. Went to doc after doc no one could find what was happening to me. Just gave me scripts and said see if this makes you feel better. The only thing they were doing was keeping me coming back runniing the same test and getting nowhere. The diagnosis were FMS, CFS, migrains, high blood pressure, and shinges. As it turns out I think the high bp was from the severe pain I was in. I would not have given a plug nickel for my life, but I have a partner that without her, I honestly do not know how I would survive, plus out pets, or should I say children, because that is what they are to us.

Finally I became so weak, and in continuous pain I could not go any further. Went back to the doc and told her I could not go on, so she put me in the hospital. Within 45 minutes of being admitted a cardiologist was telling me if my heart rate was not up by Thursday, I was getting a pacemaker, and now I have one. They called it Sick Sinus Syndrome. It was the difference in night and day after the surgury. But it did not last.. Here came the nausea, di, and the left side pain. I started steriod injections for the pain i my side, which it took a few over time to get it under control. A friend and neurologist ran some blood test and found my cortisol level at 0.7, went through a couple of endo's, that said there was nothing wrong, I did not have Addisons, so I just kept on playing the cards i had been dealt. Then came Lymphoma, I told the onocologist about the low cortisol, and he seemed to ignore me, until I insisted he run the test, while I was in the procedure to install the port for access for chemo, his office called and told my partner the cortisol was 1.0 and we could not start treatment. Imagine that.

Anyway I ended up at MDA and at first they did not believe I had AI. After the chemo was over and had not had any steriods in my system, I had what I believe now as being as serious crisis, extreme abnomal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, waekness, dizziness, couldn't even take a bath on my own to go to th er. No one put 2 & 2 together until later on in the month when my bp would get above 90/40. Went back to the endo for the stim test, which was ran right for the first time, and it came back positive.


Hysterectomy; Jan 1984
Laminectom; Oct 1991
Cataracts both eyes; May 1998
Neck fusion; 2000
Fibromyalsia; 2006
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome; 2006
Mirgrain headaches; 2006
Chronic Pain Syndrome; 2006
Sick Sinus Syndrome; 2006
Lymphoma; 2007
Addisions; 2008

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