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Donna's Story

Miraculous Miranda is the news video that is on the home page of this website.

Hi, my name is Donna and Miranda is my daughter. The news cast was about my family.

Miraculous Miranda Medical Nightmare to Medical MiracleI have now published the book "Miraculous Miranda Medical Nightmare to Medical Miracle" which tells what we went through to get the correct diagnosis. It was a difficult journey. The book can be purchased on line at amazon, barnesandnoble, or through my website

Miranda was ultimately diagnosed with a flat pituitary.

From my heart, I with you all well as you search for answers! No matter what - DONT QUIT!!!!!!

From the notes on amazon:
Donna Renfro, the author, is inviting you to take a journey of the heart with her. She was told her daughter would die. Donna refused to quit. This book is accumulation of faith and endurance beyond human strength. Donna began writing the book in the year 2000. She wrote it in sheer desperation, believing without any natural hope that her daughter Miranda would get a miracle. Seven years and many battles later, the book is complete with Miranda's miracle!

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