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Donna's Story...

Hi Everyone,

My name is Donna, and last month I was diagnosed with an adrenal tumor with possible Cushing's syndrome. I will be having surgery in a few days. I've been trying to get doctors to take me seriously for several years, because I thought I had Cushing's.

Since I had ambiguous cortisol test (some high, some normal) previous doctors didn't pursue further testing. I had many of the symptoms of Cushing's including huge weight gains despite strict dieting and exercise regimen.

I finally found an endocrinologist who wanted to do a abdominal CT scan, and they discovered around a 2 x 2 centimeter tumor on my left adrenal gland. I'm having a laparoscopic adrenalectomy this Monday January 5th 2004. I feel I have selected an excellent surgeon extremely skilled, and experienced in this procedure.

When I have time I will provide more detail of my struggle with this disease over the last few years. A couple weeks following my surgery my husband and I are relocating to another city (timing couldn't be any worse).

Happy New Year,


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