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Dina's Story

Diagnosed in April 2007 with Cushing's--with a tumor on my right adrenal gland. Had surgery in May 2007.

Apprently I had this tumor for at least 5+ years. Had been to many doctors in 3 different states, only to be called a "puzzle".

I am still trying to cope with the effects this cruel disease is still having on my life. My job is great and they have been letting me work part-time and from my house as well. I just had my first post-surgery tests and found out I had osteopenia (which we were happy to find out because we though I had osteoporosis since I had fractured my ribs) and my left adrenal gland is not working at all. My doc says he isn't surprised. I will be going to see him in 2 days, but since I am feeling, well, "yucky", I am just really sad right now.

I thought this was all going to be behind me once I had my tumor removed.

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