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I was watching a story about a woman last night on TV with Cushing's and my husband said it sounded like me. At first I was kind of offended, but I started to think that I might have a mild form of the disease/syndrome. When I was around age 38 (I'm 49 now), I gained 25 pounds in approx. 2 months. I have always been careful about my weight, and I couldn't understand it. I was under a lot of stress at the time and I thought that I was just eating more, but not 25 lbs worth. I gained most of the weight around my abdomen and a lady at the drycleaners asked me if I was pregnant. I was mortified. Finally, my weight stabilized at about 175 lbs (normal around 135) and I am 5'7". I also have the moon face, buffalo hump, acne, heat intolerance, easy brusing, thrist ("I am just a naturally thristy person" - not diabetic), high choleserol (sp), chronic sinus infections, fatigue, depression, anxiety, skin flushing, and a hx of irregular periods. I think my sister may have a severe case - very big abdomen and round face.

I read where this woman said she had her first orthotics when she was in her thirties. So did I. I don't know how this may relate to Cushing's.

Does anyone know of a good doctor to see re: Cushing's in the Phoenix area? Any response to any of the things I have stated would be appreciated. Thanks so much.

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