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Devin's Story...

I'am writing this bio for my daughter. Her name is Devin and she has been diagnosed with a 5mm pituitary tumor as having cyclic cushings disease after a 10 year battle with doctors.

Her symptoms started out when she was about 6 years old, swollen face, mood swings, not sleeping for days at a time and having purple stretch marks even when her tummy wasn't enlarged yet.

After taking her to many doctors who looked at her and said she was just too tall to have cushings we finally went to Dr. F in L.A. where the ball got rolling in the right direction. She had high saliva and urine test results but not without alot of testing because of trying to catch those elusive cycles!

We opted for a neurosurgeon in Pennsylvania because of his reputation and this is our home state and made it easier financially, we were lucky Dr. Jho was here. Her surgery is scheduled for June 07' we are very nervous yet very anxious for her to have a good surgical outcome and the ability to have to live the rest of her childhood cushings free!!!!

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