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Denise's Father's Story...

I'm inquiring information for my father who doesn't have a computer and wouldn't even know how to begin to operate it (old school):)

My father was diagnosed with cushings disease about four months ago. The endo Dr. has told him it was from the prolonged use of cortisone injections that his other Dr. was giving him every three weeks for the last thirteen months for a disease he has called Pyronies. The endo Dr. won't even treat him he is so bad off, the Dr. also told him that his endo glands are dried up like little walnuts.

He has seen another Dr. who has now put him back on a low dose of steroids, telling him that this would be the only way for him to survive. I don't understand putting him back on something that has nearly killed him already. I have looked at all the symtoms on this site and my father fits most of them, thining skin, bruising easily, muscle loss in both his legs and arms. The one thing that doesn't fit at all is that he has lost about fifty pounds and has not gained an ounce. He also doesn't have the thick neck or hump on the back of his neck. I'm wondering if some of the symtoms could be thee exact opposite?

My other question is that he really needs to find a support group, meetings, and a good Dr. in the Detroit, Michigan area. Any information I could get would be fantastic!

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