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Deborah's Story

I am in the very, very early stages of learning about Cushings. My 13-year-old daughter has been struggling with extreme weight gain for about two years now. She went from weighing approximately 135 pounds in 5th grade to currently 192 pounds in 7th grade. Obesity does run in my ex-husband's side of the family, so I thought maybe their genetics played a part in this. She also has a hump on her upper back, in between her shoulder blades and is so self-conscious about this that she won't pull her beautiful blond hair up into even a ponytail.

The other night, my husband and I were watching the History Channel about the history of obesity. Among the normal talk about overeating, they had a woman on there who had Cushing's Disease. We just about fell out of our chair when we watched this and they showed the woman's hump on her back. A big lightbulb went off and I immediately started doing research on the Internet about Cushings.

I have taken my daughter to the doctor, and really, I am so upset with them. All they want to do is put her on a diet and have her exercise, which is all well and fine, if it works. Unfortunately, my poor daughter has tried everything to lose the weight, but it keeps coming back and then some. I had to finally instruct the doctor to check her thyroid, which came back as normal. A friend of mine has a family history of thyroid problems and she said that they need to retest her because usually the first test comes back normal, when actually there are problems. So I think I'll have them retest that as well.

I have made an appointment for my daughter to see one of the other doctors in the pediatric office. Apparently, he has more knowledge of diseases and disorders than the others. The appointment is set for Wednesday, June 11, 2008. As I understand it, the first test they do is a 24-hour urine test. I know the doctor is going to look at me as if I'm crazy, but at least if it isn't Cushings, we can rule that out. If it is, then we can move in that direction. I hope and pray that it isn't, but her symptoms are just so there -- the hump, the weight gain, the headaches, the depression, the stretch markes, etc. My daughter actually wants it to be Cushings so at least she has an answer. I am so saddened by this. She is such a beautiful, bright young girl, and she is going into highschool in a year, just starting her life.

I will keep all of you posted.

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