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Dawn's Story

HI, My name is Dawn i'm a 43 year old woman from Staten Island NY.

I've been lurking for a while now, I share many symptoms. I do not have a diagnosis yet, but hope I'm on the way.

7 years ago my period stopped suddenly, my GYN told me it was probably early menopause. Around the same time I began to get headaches ( I had NEVER had a headache) and some stomache problems. My MD ran some tests all was normal and put me on prilosec. I did feel better, the head aches were few and far between. On and off over the years I began to have episodes of just not feeling well,weight gain about 40lbs in total. I tried a new Dr, she repeated tests all were normal

In june of this year. I began a new episode of not feeling well. Sleep problems,daily diareha, constant bloating, I look 8 months pregnant, buffalo hump, streach marks, daily headaches, some horrendous some just nagging,hair falling out, ears ringing. poor concentration, face swelling, I look Like a stranger to myself, and depression.

I read an article in the paper about a woman with similar symptoms, she had a pituitary tumor, the article led me to this site. I asked around for a recomondation to a to MD. I approached her with my long list of symptoms and years long history of not feeling well, her initial questions were about stress or did something significent happen. I stressed I know this is medical please take me seriously.

She began the tests, I did not let her know I had a general idea of what my problem was. first all the regular pannels came back normal except very high colesterols and osteoporsis(sp), she sent me for brain MRI it came back normal, I asked her if the hump on my back was from the osteo and she finally sent me for blood cortisol,only one AM fasting, she said the urine was to cumbersome, I really thought it would come back high, from the symptoms I have. but the test came back very low 2.8, she said it looks like a lab error, that I would be verry ill if it were that low, not even be able to sit and talk with her, but to be on the safe side to see an endocrinologist, so that's where I am now waiting for an appointment 11/12/07, when I called for the appointment the clerk did not even know what I was talking about when I said I had a low cortisol level, she kept asking if I had diabetes ot thyroid problems.

can anyone shed some light on the low level. sorry so long I could really go on and on there's so much more.


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