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Dawn's Story...

Hi it's me.

I'm getting ready to go have more blood work. I feel really weird asking this but if anyone out there has emotional support to give please contact me. I need a friend who understands this.

Two doctors looked at me yesterday- one said, if this isn't Cushingoid, I don't know what it is. And my regular endo said, looking at my stretch marks this is the worst case of Cushing's she's ever seen. Meantime my blood has been normal, and I haven't gotten the second results from my 24 hr- cortisol yet.

I am 28 years old. I had breast surgery at 21, a hysterectomy at 26, now this. Maybe this isn't the appropriate place to whine all this out, but I suppose to be thankful I'm still alive, when I feel all I have left is me being able to breathe, not any quality of life. Thanks for this site!

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