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David's Story

What a process to get diagnosed! Hypogondism diagnosed in 2000, with 'normal' FSH and LH levels. Should have been referred to endo at that time, wasn't. Treated HG with testosterone.

Irritability, irrational rage. Dr. diagnosed bipolar (had been being treated for depression for 10+ years). Went on disability. Lost career as lawyer. 3 years later read about Growth Hormone deficiency causes depression on MedScape. Did lots of internet research.

Found Dr. Ludlum at OHSU, sent him question. He responded within 2 days that I probably had Cushing's, bipolar was misdiagnosed. Spent from November to March of 04 trying to get diagnosed. Went to OHSU from Houston, spent 10 days being tested. MRI's inconclusive. Blood chemistry high C levels. Sinus sampling very high ACTH and on and on. Dr. Ludlum says he believes pituitary adenoma present, not 100%. Have all results reviewed in Houston. Houston Dr. less positive of Cushing's. Scheduled surgery for 4/15/04. SO, I guess we'll find out!

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