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Connie's Story

I was approximately 35 years old when I started noticing symptoms of Cushing's disease. After 11 months, I was diagnosed at Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU).

I have had four sessions in a hospital setting for testing at various times of my Cushing's life, two types of transphenoidal pituitary surgeries in the last 13 years (one at OHSU and another at Cedars Sinai Hospital in Hollywood, CA) and a GammaKnife procedure two years ago here in Washington state.

So far, my ability to defeat the disease has not happened. I have spent the last six years on Ketoconazole because I was last told that my pituitary tumor was in an inoperable section of my left cavernous sinus.

Last week I underwent five days of testing (just like from scratch) and I am awaiting results to see where my Cushing's is at. For those of you who have not had a GammaKnife procedure, the average time for pituitary tumors to start showing positive signs of cure start after 28 months which will be November 2007 for me.

I found out about this website from three beautiful women who went through the five-day testing with me. I have never had the pleasure of talking with anyone who has had the disease, who has the disease or who has ever been tested for the disease. This was a treat for me.

Thank you for the opportunity to write this short bio.


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