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Study of Hypercortisolism in Cushing's Syndrome and Stress-Induced Pseudo-Cushing's Syndrome


Study of Hypercortisolism in Cushing's Syndrome and Stress-Induced Pseudo-Cushing's Syndrome

Protocol IDs: OHSU-3324

Protocol Type: screening, diagnostic

Sponsorship: National Center for Research Resources

Status: Active, This study is currently recruiting patients.

Age Range: no age specified


20 patients and 20 controls will be entered over 1 year.


I. Determine whether Cushing's syndrome and stress-induced pseudo-Cushing's
syndrome can be differentiated by evaluating endogenous
corticotropin-releasing hormone activity.


Patients undergo a 30-hour infusion of deuterated cortisol with peripheral and petrosal vein measurements of adrenocorticotropin hormone (ACTH) and corticotropin-releasing hormone (CRH). Patients also have a 2-day, low-dose dexamethasone suppression test.

Patients with ACTH tumors are referred for pituitary surgery as indicated.

Patients without Cushing's syndrome are entered as controls. During scheduled radiologic procedures, these subjects undergo ACTH and CRH sampling from the petrosal vein or cavernous sinus following a deuterated cortisol infusion.


Suspected adrenocorticotropin hormone (ACTH)-dependent Cushing's syndrome

No pregnant women

Effective contraception required of fertile women


The purpose of most clinical trials listed in this database is to test new treatments, or new methods of diagnosing, screening for or preventing disease. Because all potentially harmful side effects are not known before a trial is conducted, dose and schedule modifications may be required for participants if they develop side effects from the treatment or test. The therapy or test described in this clinical trial is intended for use by clinicians in carefully structured settings, and may not prove to be more effective than standard treatment. A responsible investigator associated with this clinical trial should be consulted before using this protocol.


Mary H. Samuels, Chair, Ph: 503-494-5242
Oregon Health Sciences University

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