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Claudia's Story

Hi....I'm a 35 year old mother of 3 boys that has just confirmed via cortisol tests that I have Cushings....WOW!

I first heard about Cushings Syndrome while watching a TV documtary called "The Science Of Obesity"....In this show, I noticed that I was experiening all of the classic symptoms for cushings. It freaked me out.

For a while I had started to gain weight, was constantly tired and depressed...(even with medication), have the Buffalo Hump that no one could explain away, started to develop the "Moom Face" and also had the purple-ish stretch marks and skin discoloration.

I asked my husband who is a Registered Nurse if he had ever heard of Cushings. He confirmed that from what he knew, that I needed to see an Endo.....but first, I had to see my regular doctor. I guess I can say that I'm very lucky that my doctor listened to me and ran all of the preliminary tests, with no questions asked or any doubts as to my concern for Cushings.

All prelim tests came back possitive for Cushings and I now have to wait until the end of January, 2008 to see the Endo for the first time....It's going to be a wonderful Holiday Season for me.

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