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Cindy's Story

Hi Everyone,

I've been reading all post's etc... and l've tried many time's to introduce myself but for some reason l must of been doing something wrong.

I'm 43 and have been sick with one thing then another almost all my life !!! I'm almost positive l have Cushing's or something closely related.

It started when l was a child with what they called growing pain's, then it was blamed on ovulation, then my period, then l got headaches and severe, miscarage, 2 premature birth's, emergency hysterocotmy at 25, over active thyroid, lost my right ovary, fibro, divorce, insomina, acne off and on my whole life, dergenative disc disease, lost my best friend my mom, cancer but mis diagnosed, lipoma's in my lower back, cyst's on my left ovary, lumpy pituitary, bladder leakage, weight gain, low sex drive and no zest for life !!!

I think my doctor think's l'm a hypoconradac!!! I need help !!!

Cindy from Canada

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