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Chiller's Story

My journey to finding out that I had Cushings started in December when I had a sonogram to see if I had a gall bladder problem. I had a pain on the right side which we think now was a muscle pain from coughing from an extended sinus infection. The sonogram showed liver cysts which the radiologist recommended a cat scan but no hurry. When I saw my regular doctor in March, he sent me for the cat scan and they discovered a nodule on my left adrenal gland. He recommended that I see an endo. After trying to find a endo that would see new patients within 4 months, I had all the urine and blood testing and was diagnosed with Cushings in June. I think I have had it for 12 years. I gained a lot of weight with the birth of my second child (at 38) and I continued to gain weight afterwards. I have the back hump and have serious bruising on my arms from even the slightest bump.

I had my open surgery on August 8, 2003. I thought I could return to work in six weeks (I teach high school). I have found myself living on the coach with little energy and nausea frequently. I am now finding out that it is going to take a lot longer to recover. Does the gland every wake up and how do they know?

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