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Cher's Story

I am working on bio, hopefully finished soon.

I would like to post this with the pics of me I sent to you.

Diagnosed June 2000 Kulchitsky Neuroendocrine Carcinoid Tumor of Right Lung, producing high acth (cortisol)-14 out of 1 million people get this

Ectopic Cushing's Disease, 10 out of 100,000 people get this

biopsy August 2000, diagnosis cancer metastasized to lymph node, fast growing intermediate to large cell ( went from size of dime to golf ball in 8 weeks

September 13, 2000 surgery, right upper loboctomy and cluster of lymph nodes removed

Octreocan results, more residual neuroendocrine tissue

I started 7 weeks radiation the day after Christmas 2000 ending in February 2001

Neuroscan results show no more cancer

April 9, 2002, I will be 47 and I am in remission and cancer free, no more Cushing's symptoms

Cher's photos. Click any thumbnail to view the larger image.

Me when diagnosed with Cushing's and lung cancer June 2000 [Photographer: Cher's family]

Me, November 2000 [Photographer: Cher's family]

Me and Derek, May 2001 [Photographer: Cher's family]

Laurie and me, around Christmas, 2001. Here's a picture of my sis and me for some of my Cushie and cancer survivor buddies, I am the one with the double chin, since this picture gone..............163 and counting down, no more steroids, or blurred vision, or confusion, jogging, babysitting, breathing, dancing and singing and living life to the fullest [Photographer: Cher's family]

Me this month [Photographer: Cher's family]

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