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Cassie's Story...

Well, where to start? I am 23 years old 315lbs. My entire life has been a struggle with weight, because I am build larger than all my friends and always have been. In high school I weighed around 187lbs. and I am 5'9". I always considered myself beautiful, until 3 years ago... I was diagnosed bi-polar at the age of 18 when I had a nervous breakdown due to a cheating/verbally/emotionally abusive boyfriend. I was depressed for about 2 years of my life and had minor drug problems.

In 2003 I was put on Depakote as a mood stabilizer. I also broke my leg and was given prednisone. These two events occoured within 2 months of each other. I then gained 80lbs in 4 months, after the first 25 my body was riddled with dark purple and red strech marks. I was 265lbs and 20 years old.

After struggling with my doctor, I was taken off the depakote and put on other medications. I continued to gain weight at a rate of 6-8lbs every two weeks. This continued until 2005.

I had my thyroid tested over and over again, every time I was told to get on a treadmill and stop eating, there was nothing wrong with my thyroid. I used to be a community actress, singer, dancer and aspired to be a plus size model. Currently I can't stand looking at pictures of myself. I try to excersize, but am in so much pain in my back, hips and ankles that I can't.

Finally a ENT Doctor who is a family friend did a thyroid test that came back odd, after seeing two doctors who "blew off" the results, I made an appt. with an endrocrinologist, who wanted to see me immediatly. For the past 3 years, I have blamed my weight gain on the, after coming across this site, I am not to sure. I don't know if it's thyroid either. My appt. is in the morning, and I want to push the Cushings issue with my doctor...Well, I enclosed some pictures...just wonder what you all think??? Guess I'll find out tomorrow.

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