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Carrie's Story...

I am not new to the board, but I'm just getting around to making my own bio.

I'm 29 years old, and first started to get symptoms at age 16. It started out with irregular period (which I was put on birth control for), ovarian cysts (nothing was done but periodic ultrasounds), and acne. Then came the sudden drastic weight gain, facial hair, and puffy red face. I was told my problems were all due to my weight, and if I would diet and exercise everything would be better.

It was not until after I was married and could not get pregnant before it was suggested to me that something might be wrong. After I did not respond to fertility drugs, my gyno referred me to a reproductive endocrinologist. She diagnosed me with PCOS and Insulin Resistance. She did not mention (or test for) Cushings. She ended up moving out of state and I got a new doctor.

The new endo mentioned something about Cushings (very briefly), did one blood test (DHEA S - which came back elevated), and did not want to test further for Cushings!?! I "fired" him, found this message board, and made an appointment with one of the Recommended Doctors off of this site.

Through the years my symptoms have only become much worse. I'm now having a lot of pain (especially in my left hip), very low energy and present with almost every typical Cushings symptom.

I have my first appointment with a Cushings specialist in less then a week. I watched my paternal aunt suffer with Cushings and die at age 41. I don't want to go down the same path! I hope I'm on the path to proper diagnosis, treatment and cure. I've really learned a lot from everyone on this board, and have received a lot of support. Thanks!

By the way, I posted my pictorial timeline of how I've changed appearance-wise in the Gallery. Here's a link to my page, hopefully it will work.

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