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Cameron's Story

I was getting quite swelled up. Took 3 1/2 months and numerous specialists before I was diagnosed with a tumor that covered 3/4 of my Pituitary and was resting against my optic nerve.

Had surgery May 9, 2003 and just got home from the hospital June 8, 2003. Part of the Pituitary was removed and it is not known yet if all of the tumor has been removed.

Update November 2003:

Went into the hospital January 2003 very swelled up and digestive system appeared to not be working. Took doctors 3 1/2 months to diagnose me with a pituitary tumor. By that time my once 160lb body was 240lbs complete with elephant hump and covered from chest to knees in stretch marks. Unable to walk more than approx. 30 feet. After finding out that approx. 3/4 of my pituitary was filled with tumor had emergency surgery. Tumor could not be totally removed. It is now November 4, 2003 and I have diabetes, osteoporosis, heart issues, and my pituitary tumor is still alive and kicking. This coming Monday (Nov 10, 2003) I am to start 6 weeks straight of radiation.

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