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Betty Lou's Story...

I am a 46yo female, Married with 3 children. Last Child born in 92.

I started having pain and joint swelling and muscle weaknes shortly after that. I was finally diagnosed in 1997 with Systemic Lupus and then a year later with secondary fibromyalgia. I have had several boughts with flairs and over the years took Prednisone for them and Asthma attacks which I never had before in my life. I do not take steriods on a regular basis and have not had any for maybe 2 years or more.

I have alot of difficulty with weight. I weigh 225 and my weight goes up and down by 10# easily. Right now I work 2 jobs, one full time and the other part time. I am busy in a medical office and a cook 3-4 nights a week. I have trouble with weight and I don't hardly eat. I cant loose weight and can't keep my blood sugars below 140.

I have just in the last 6 months been on medication for BS and It won't regulate. They recently doubled my glipizide from 1 2xday to 2 2xday, and still no change. I have this fat belly and face that I can't change. I wear a size 14 pants if they have elastic waist but if I have a fixed waist band I need a 20. I have no but and have nice legs but all belly. HELP.

I have not been dx with cushings but after a friend said look into it it sounds like you well maybe? I'm here looking for help.

I was born with 3 kidneys and still have them. I try to keep a close eye on their function because of all the trouble I had when I was little. I have frequent bladder infections and have had kidney infections twice after child birth. I have a depressed immune system and have had Pnuemonia many times over the years. I have never smoked and do not live with smokers. My chronic systems include a chronic painful right shoulder that I have never injured but is a great barometer for weather changes, that hurts 24/7. I have alot of lower back, knee and hip pain. I'm sure the weight doesn't help. I have the usual chronic muscle fiber pain all over. I have had a hysterectomy including ovaries in 1997.

My meds are as listed. Atenolol 50 mg for B/P, Glipizide 5mg 2 2xday Diabetes, Cymbalta 20mg for depression, Requip 0.5 mg for muscle twitching, Nitrofurantoin 100mg for chronic bladder infections. Ok there it is. Can some on help. I have a question about the supplements that they advertise like Relacore, you know the ones that reduce belly fat and reduce the production of corticore steroids. Do they work? Is it something I should try? I would appriciate any suggestions from others that may have been through this same thing at some point.

Thank You for this web site.

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