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Barbara S' Story

I am a 52 yr old mother of 4 sons, married. Always was a normal weight until son 3, was born at 9 1/2 lbs. Then it was all downhill. I began with panic disorder, then went to palpitations, on Lopressor for 15 years. Antidepressant, weight has gone up from 208 to 257 in <2 years.

Gone to Doctors about menstrual pain, ovarian pain, told me to lose weight. Bones ache, moon face, gigantic stomach looking like I am 15 mo. pregnant. 2 yrs. ago type 2 diabetes. Saw an endo two weeks ago, said none of this was my fault, metabolically. I have been failing for years. He did one 24 UFC, negative 19 range 10-150. Says its not Cushing's, and I should have a gastric by pass.

So I have made appointment with a Dr. Weiss at the U.of Chicago hospital on the 24th. It's so hard to explain. But I know I have this. Straes abdomen, purple, moon face, fatigue, so very unhappy. Never overweight a day in my life until pregnancies. Headaches, dry skin, hair on left face, loss pubic hair. I am a mess. But I am very relieved I found someone like you girls. I just cannot live like this anymore.

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