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Az's Story

Hi. I'm 23 years old. My problem started when i was 15 yo. I start to go to toilet frequently and i feel thirsty all the time, especially after i urinated. then i noticed the increasing of my weight. also i start to have headache (sometime quite severe) and also depression and anxiety disorder. and i just recently notice that i have strae at my abdomen (before this i dont know what strae look like). I feel tired and sleepy all the time.

My mother bring me to a GP. the Doc said that i need to be refered to a urology and have a MRI or CT scan. but we didn't go because of financial problem. 11 months ago, I start working. I notice that my health problem interfere with my work. So a went to consult a GP. He said that i might have Cushing's or Hyperthyroidism. He ordered some blood test and 24 UFC. My Urine free cortisol was elevated. So he said that i most probably Cushing's. He then refered me to a physician. the doc did some tests again plus CT scan. all of the tests shows normal result except prolactin, which was elevated.

The doc said that there is nothing wrong with me and i probably have a compulsive drinking. I still believe that something wrong with me. It is not normal to feel thirsty all the time. The doc said that i probably have either diabetes insipidus or primary polydipsia. he then refered me to a nephrologist. After answering the nephrologist questions, he then ask to have more blood and urine test and MRI. The MRI doesnt shows any abnormality (which i found very dissapointed and depressing) but my prolactin is still elevated. He then have the impression that i have pituitary microadenoma, which lead to central diabetes insipidus and prolactinoma. He then refer me to the only endocrinologist at my city (I live at Malaysia).

At the first appointment with the endo, she ask me to be admited to the hospital to repeat blood tests, urine tests and water deprivation test (to determined whether u have DI or primary polydipsia). after one night stay at the hospital, the water deprivation test was inconclusive and this time, the blood test shows that i have low testerone level. the endo ask me to be admitted again to repeat the test and hopefully it is conclusive this time ( water deprivation test is soooo depressing). so, wish me luck on my never ending investigation.

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