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Art's Story...

We all face hard times at one point in our lives. But the times when we question our faith, and question our ability to move on are especially important. Do we trust in God? Do we trust in ourselves?

Something as bad as a fatal illness can cause fear, doubt, and questions about what you are doing on this earth. Pain takes over and renders us helpless and willing to throw in the towel and give up. But God tells us that He will sustain us. He will lift us up.

Art Russell shares the powerful story of his struggle with Cushing's Disease. Although unfamiliar to most people, Cushing's is a potentially fatal disease that strips the victim's life away piece by piece. As you read, you will get an up close and personal look into the life of someone plagued with Cushing's disease and his daily struggles. Discover Scriptural passages he surrounded himself with. Read his honest, open cries to God and discover how in the midst of pain and uncertainty, he fights to keep his faith strong and find rest in God.

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