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Amanda A's Story...

Well, it all started about 6 years ago. It started out with me starting to bruise very easy, I started to get a weird numbness on the left side of my face, my face was always red. I had started going to the doctors for what I started to thing where very stupid thing, they had told me I had carpal tunnel and tendonitis, they told me I was allergic to toothpaste. so I started to feel as if I was overreacting over things, the real kicker was when I gained 40 pounds I one month, then I knew something was wrong.

So once again I went the doctor and he did some blood work and he said everything was fine. Then one day when I got home from work I was not feeling well so I went up stairs to bed I laid down and then I realized just how swollen my legs and ankles where and how red they where, so my mother called the emergency room and the doctors started asking me questions over the phone, then he asked me if I had developed a hump on my back and a moon shaped face and I said yes. So he had suggested I make an appointment to see him the next day. So at this time my mother had been doing some reading on different things and what it could be. so I went to see the doctor and he told me I was just overweight and like to indulge in food, but not knowing me I at that point had been working out 7 days a week and stuck to salads and no meat. So at that point my mother was furious and told him to check my cortisol levels and against his will he did and called my mother the next day and said they were normal.

So at that point I had given up and a week later he had called her back, after he was discussing my case with a friend and read the test again and came to find that my levels where through the roof for someone of my age (22).

At that point my mother was so angry and did want to talk to the doctor, so he suggested I go to a endocrinologist.

To make a long story short they did a MRI and found a tumor the size of a half dollar on my gland. I have had four pituitary surgeries in the past year and even 2 weeks after my wedding, to remove the tumour but it kept coming back, the last one they said they couldn't go in again because me gland is paper thin now and it is to risky. So as of December 10 of 2003 I had an adrenalectomy, and it is baby steps from here on.

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