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Alison's Story

I have no diagnosis.

I have been going to an endocrynologist for three years for what are "systs on my thyroid" but I keep getting worse. I was AT WORSE a 130 lb. woman.

During my late 20's I was married; which turned out badly. I feel that at that time, my body went into a defense mode. I gained 40 lbs. in nothing flat which was not my norm.

I went through a divorce and lost 30 easily. So I attributed it all to life.

BUT, all this time, I was put on Prednisone, time and time again for sinus & allergy problems. Each time, it became harder and harder for me to loose weight.

I met a wonderful man, whom I married. Since we met I went through a sinus surgery and numerous sinus infection treatments. When we met, I was 135 lbs. Now I am 211. I am not living any differently, and am working out. I am at witts end.

I am really tired of people telling me what I NEED to do to loose weight. I am walking, working out, eating right, and nothing is working.

I asked to be tested for Cushings when my Doctor had me do a 24 Pee dump. Nothing showed. No one has ever ex-rayed my pituitary gland.

What do you think?

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