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Alice's Story

I am a 55 year old married woman with 3 children adn 5 grandchildren. I have lived in Oklahoma, Montana, New Mexico, California, Utah and Tennessee. I attend church regulary and take my faith seriously. In fact that has gotten me though rough times.

I had a tubal pregancy in 1984 and almost died. I have felt that there was something wrong with me since I got pregnant with my first child and went from 118 pounds at 6 months to 190 at 8 months. Dr. check me for gest. diabetes and thryod etc. Nothing. I was told when I went in for my first visit that I had a fibroid tumor but should have no problems for years.

My hubby and I fit what some called the hippies in the early 70's eating lots of fresh vegs and fruits. We did and do eat meat but not loads and try to eat fish and chicken most of the time. Drs. look at me as if I am crazy when I tell them that the only sugar I eat is what is already in the food. Usually in the dressings, etc, not cakes and candy (stay away from those). My weight has gone up and down my entire life. Some days, I feel great then bam, I feel like I got run over with a truck.

I posted earlier asking a question and a lot of my info is in that email. I do not have insurance and we are middle income, I am looking for a job right now. MY husband is a teacher k-12 and also teaches art online for TN Reagents on line Degree program.

I hope this group can help me as I try to find answers. Alice

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