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Marie's Story

I am Marie age 37 I have been dealing with thyroid/pituitary problems since i was 25

at first the doctors told me they didnt know what to do they had never seen thyroid fluctuate like mine does so I went undiagnosed til the age around 28 then a endricrinologists told me I have low pituitary function he had my doctor then try me on thyroid medication in which was great the first day after that couldnt take it cuz it made me sick in which I had to much of the hormone so i went back to my doctor he told me there was nothing more they could do for me I asked 2 other doctors was told the same thing.

I have now moved from Utah to Kentucky decided lets see if infact the doctors here might be more smarter or at least think outside the box and sure as the endricrinologist asked if I have ever been told I could have cushing disease I replied with NO whats that?!?! and she explained alittle bit she told me lets see what the tests show first I have had a mri,ultrasound,thyroid scan blood tests and the urine test back when I was 25 the ultrasound showed I had multi differential cysts on my thyroid glands at one point one of the cysts got infected filled up with blood and infected my whole left side of my face so anyways my story could go on and on of what I have experienced and so on.

I go back to the doctors September 5th to find out my results. I came home after my initial visit with her to find more about cushing disease and that is how I stumbled upon this place I just hope in the end they know whats wrong and then can at least do what they can to fix me.

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