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Lisa C's Story...

I am new to the sight. I have been suffering from a lot of symptoms over the past few years. Was diagnosed with PCOS a couple of years ago but meds are not working. Noticed funny stretch marks about a year ago and was a little worried, but brushed it off to the weight I have gained. But the diets have not been working and the stretch marks keep coming back, almost like overnight. I have been battling feet problems, especially my left foot. Have seen two doctors for this, have had two shots or cortisone for this, and had physical therapy for two months. It hurts worse now than when I started. A couple of months ago I got this horrific stabbing pain in my upper right back in my rib cage. It was the worse pain I have ever experienced. I was bawling and I never cry. My boyfriend was really close to taking me to the emergency room, but I wouldn't let him. My physical therapist told me that it sounded like my rib popped out and popped back in. Is anybody else concerned with this? I am 28 years old, my ribs should not be popping out. The vicatin I had from before didn't even help the pain. Breathing didn't help either. I found out that this is also a sign of Cushing's.

I feel like I have aged about 50 years in the last 5 years. I have gained 40lbs in the last 3 years, 70 in the last ten. I was never extremely thin, but I always had a nice trim waist. Now it looks like a drink a six pack of beer every day. Diets don't work. I gave up wheat and dairy because that usually does the trick and nothing!!! I also noticed in the past year a bump on the back of my neck, actually noticed it, not realizing that this was also a sign of Cushing's. My libido is in the negatives, but my boyfriend is patient. My mood has gone south and my friends actually ask me if I am depressed. I am NEVER depressed. Very tired all the time. Sometimes I am amazed that I can even get up and go to work every day. Get up 2-4 times a night to pee. Wake up more tired than when I went to bed. My hair is falling out and its growing on my face, upper lip, breastbone and my "happy trail" is worse than my boyfriends!! I even gross him out because on my right arm you can see the veins running all the way from my shoulder down to my hand. Have never had a regular period, so like so many, I am on the pill, Yasmin. It helps with the water retention, but that is about it. I look at pictures form high school and I look at myself today and I do not recognize myself. My face is like a cancer patient.

Last summer we went to the ocean and I had a fisherman's hat on with my hair pulled in it, and that is just what I looked like!! I am so tired of feeling this way. I used to be so full of life and I found job in everything. I don't feel this way anymore and I have so much to me happy about. I have a wonderful man in my life, I have a great job and work with great people and things are in general really good. I did not think that my GP would support me on this journey, so I made an appointment with another doc (internal) who knows about Cushing's. I then will get a referral to a good endo in the area that was recommended to me by a wonderful fellow "Cushie." I just know that this has got to be the problem. It all makes perfect sense. Now I just have to get the docs out there to see this as well. Wish me luck and I will keep ya posted on the verdict.

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