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Khuyen's Story...

I am a female 24 years old. I was recently diagnosed with Cushing's Syndrome due to an adrenal tumor on the left kidney and this coming January 2005, I will have an adrenalectomy.

I am nervous, because you never know if it is going to work, but one has to hope for the best. I have always been a high-strung person, so I hope that maybe this is a reason why and will help. Half of me wonders if I may have brought on this disease myself because I have always had the tendency to let all the stresses in life get to me. I seem to have all of the symptoms of Cushing's Syndrome but sometimes they seem coincidental to my lifestyle, like not having worked out too much or eat healthier or take time to take care of myself better. I have suffered from depression as well.

I hope that after my surgery, I can return to normal! If there is such a thing...

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