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Davana's Story

Hi, My name is Davanna.

I am a 28 yr old female who has been doctoring for yrs now for different medical problems. At the age of 14, I was seen by our GP for the weight and lack of the 'monthly visitor' and he referred me to an Endo. Which in turn, I was tested for many different problems. Tests went on and on. I was told that I exhibited signs of a HGH deficiency. We (mom and I) opted to take the injections of hormone.

At this time, I was only under the impression that we were trying to 'let me have kids' or get the plumbing working. I wanted to stop the injections after a year and a half of being confined to the house (too scared to inject myself) so mom had to do it. I still only had maybe 2 periods that were induced. The shots hurt and my butt felt like a pin cushion. I did manage to grow. I started at 4'3" and now I am 5'4" in fact I grew a couple of inches after the shots. After about 3 yrs of torture, I was released from the Endo and I went on my way.

As the yrs went by I continued to visit doctors (none of the same practice or relation) I just wanted answers to the feeling I had. I saw a psychiatric Dr and she suggested that I suffered with Depression and started to medicate me. I started to relay my story and she is the one who started the Doctoring all over. Referral after referral and now I am going to UAMS in Little Rock Arkansas and they have asked many questions and so far they have suggested the Cushing's Tests.

Anyway, I have talked your ears off and I do want to say that I am always open to new ideas and opinions. Please write me if you have anything to say. I would love to hear your story too.

Thank you, Davanna

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