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Angie's Story...

I was diagnoised with a pituitary adenoma in March of 2006. I followed up with an endocrinologist for labwork several times and each time she told me not to worry about anything since my results came in "within range" which meant that the tumor was not producing any hormones.

I have since had 2 additional MRI's which confirm that the tumor is still there and measures between 3-4.5 mm.

I have been on medical disability after losing my job since January of 2006 because of my severe headaches, abdominal pain, severe arm & leg pain, loss of feeling in my arms and legs, cramping and tingling in my hands and feet, and have also been diagnosed with restless leg syndrome and fibromyalgia. The doctors want to operate on both hands for carpal tunnel, possibly operate on my neck for a disk fusion and also my lower back for the same thing.

I am so tired of being sick, fatigued and depressed. I have gained 50 lbs and none of the doctors seem to care about really finding the core of the problem!

Finding this site is my last hope!

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