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Yvonne's Story...

My bio...For many years now l have felt alone when talking about cushings to anyone. Many people dont understand or look at me as tho l am crazy. I live in Scotland and was diagnosed with cushings when l was 17, l am now 24 and currently in remission. I have been back and forth to many hospitals for the last 7-9 years and feel as tho am the only one. I am currently going through a number of operations to sort out scars and skin which has been stretched. When looking at this site l found great relief to find others who have gone through the same.

Sometimes l just feel as tho its never going to leave me, l look in the mirror and its there, l look at old photos and its there. But if you allow it to rule over you and stop you from moving on, the disease has won. Its taken a long time and effort from everyone to get me back on the road again and l am so grateful. Without them l would have given up. There is so much to what happened to me that l couldnt possibly type here all night and day lol:) but l just want to say that many peoples storys here are an inspiration and helps those who have been through it, have it or know someone who has, get through the most difficult time in their lives.

Blessings of love to all.

Y Kavanagh

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