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Wendy's Story

I was diagnosed with cushings back in around 1989 and ws lucky enough to have been referred to the NIH (National Institues of Health) where they were able to help and diagnose me. It was a hard proces as my NY thought that I did have Cushings (as it turned out I did) but more happened as well.

I was operated on and they removed the left side of the pituitary. I had follow ups for 2 year and was was told I was cured but because the tumor was not visable it could come back.

Well it did about 5 years later.I was cured of the symptoms but not the diease. I had seen my dr. We had always performed(or done)24 hour urines to test my cortisol levels. Thye started to ride again. I was in a panic.

I called back the NIH and they told me I was most probably having a reacurrance and they took me back and I was cured once and for all. I also have addrenal insuffiencey(addison disease,epilepsy)so my health issues are definately there.

My top weight when I was sick was a little over 300 punds. All I did was eat and not sleep. My citisols were so high. I did not understand the disease at all .I had al of the symptons but who needs to go through that now.

Yes it is scarey but on the other hand it is CURABLE!! Anyone who needs to talk believe me you are more than welcome to e-mail me. People where there for me and now I want to be there for you.

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