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Wanda's Story...

I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis eight years ago and have been on Prednisone ever since.

I developed the symptoms of Cushing's Syndrome about a year after I started the Prednisone. I started on 30 mg a day, and have (through sheer brute will-power) weaned myself down to 5 mg a day, yet I still have Cushing's, and find it's more of a problem than the arthritis. My doctors acknowledge it, but no one tries to treat it. They expect me to just accept it as part of the package I guess.

But with depression and such a poor self-image because of physical changes, I can't seem to cope any more. Every time I present the problems to my doctor(s) they try to work around the problem, not through it.

I'm extremely depressed now even though things in my life are going well (other than the health of course!) and I just want some relief from this constant misery of one kind or another. The arthritis makes it so hard to exercise but I do anyway - it doesn't seem to help the weight. Neither does dieting and eating healthy.

Can I ever hope to find a solution?

Thanks for this site. It's great to find others going through this.

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