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Vivian's Story


I'm 48 yrs young and have had health problems since I can remember. I was recently referred by my primary doctor to an Endocrinologist because of very, very high Testosterone Levels. My BP is uncontrolled ( my doctor has tried several meds to control it - but I still have, what I call "breakthrough" hypertension with all of them.)

The sweating is awful and my hands are almost always clammy. I carry my weight in my upper body - thin arms and legs - ( I don't have a buffalo hump.) I have these "trimmers" ( that's what I call them ) when my body seems to just quiver inside - the duration varies and it usually happens in the morning as I waking up. At that time, I can't get up because it makes me feel so terrible. I just have to lay there and let it pass. I suffer with awful boughts of nausea, weakness and fatigue ( body and muscle fatigue. ) I've also had a feeling I can only describe this way: Have you ever sat in your car, revving the engine while it's in "PARK"? That's how my body feels when I've taken my BP medication and my BP is in the "NORMAL RANGE"!

Initial blood tests, Renal Sonogram, CT of abdomen and pelvis w/minimal contrast ( I had a reaction to it ) all came back normal, (except extremely high testostorone levels.) Last year, I had a supra cervical hysterectomy ( rapidly growing fibroid tumors caused complications ). My OB/GYN found my ovaries to be healthy ( no PCOS ).

I have increased facial and body hair. I have low grade fevers from time to time. I'll get at least two sinus infections a year. Headaches off and on, joint pain with enlarged and popping joints. When my joints are painful to the point of feeling "hot", I usually run a fever at that time - low grade. My voice has change over the past two years ( gotten deeper - I kinda like it! - that's the only thing I like about all of this ).

My primary doctor initially, didn't see any connection to my symptoms and only suggested they were due to my weight and age. * Typical response - Imagine, if years ago one of my doctors listened to me and decided to "Think Outside the Box!" Oh, if only .....

He has since done an about face. He gave me a preliminary diagnosis of: Adrenal Hyperplasia. " No tumor!", he said. " You have to get your weight under control, that's what's causing most of your problems!", he said.

Well, .....
During my initial consultation with the Endocrinologist and he saids, " You don't have Adrenal Hyperplasia!" It's probably a TUMOR, I'm going to send you for some tests.

Well now, ..... if only!
So this week I'll be doing the 24 hr urine and having some more blood drawn. What's going to happen after all of this. I'm a little nervous right now - I wasn't before, but now I am.

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