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Vickie's Story

Vickie's Story...I am 45 years old and was diagnosed with a Pituitary Tomor 5 years ago. I have been treated with medication for 4 years but stopped taking it over a year ago because the tumor seemed to have decreased in size.

I have gained over 35 lbs and am having many of the symptoms I'm seeing related to Cushings Disease. My face is often very red and itchy, Most of my weight is around my mid section, I am starting to develope a hump between my shoulder blades, I have bcome allergic to almost everything, and now I have developed a rach all over my back and hips. I am having very bad pain in my right upper arm and shoulder but not sure if that may be related. I don't recall hurting myseld in any way. Also, I do not heal easily. If I get bit by an ant or other insects, it takes months to heal.

I have considered Gastro Bypass for the weight problem but have been declined. They say I would have to gain another 16 pounds first. At this rate, it should not take long to do that.

However, if all of my symptoms can be linked to Cushings, I think the tumor surgery may be a better avenue to pursue. I am going to push to have the tests done.

I have an appointment with my Endo on September 23rd. I can't live like this any longer.

Update October 19, 2008

It is now October 2008...

I went to my Endocrinologist who told me, without running any test that I do not have Cushings and to go on a diet. I told him I have been on Weight Watchers and have not been successful. He said, then go on Jenny Craig. Can you beleive this? I asked him to just humor me and run the 24 hour urine test and he refused.

I went to a new Endocrinologist at Cleveland Clinic 2 weeks ago. He said he would run the test. Finally.... I went to the lab and gave blood and took home the Jug for my urine. I brought it back 24 hours later and am now awaiting the results.

I had a follow up appontment on Dec 8th but have since then been called to come back on Nov 4th. They said the Dr needs to see me sooner. They would not tell me anything over the phone. So, I guess I wait....

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